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For those who have worked with me for awhile, you know that I try very hard to use third party data in assisting you in selecting business models for your market and your family. You don’t care what I think is a good business for you, true success in franchising lies in your ability to be successful in the system that YOU choose. For that reason, I’ve added a few more enhancements to Integrity Franchise Group. This month, I’d like to discuss a new assessment tool, the Franchise Navigator. The Navigator has computed the individual’s scores against the benchmarks, or recommended scores in certain industries and drills down to each of nine categories to determine if they are a good fit – or not.


ENTREPRENEURSHIP describes the “fire in the belly.” Do you possess sufficient drive, or conversely, are you too entrepreneurial to function in a “rules-based” system like a franchise or specific job description.


LEADERSHIP describes whether an individual is capable of providing leadership to teams of people. Can you establish the credibility necessary to lead.


SALESMANSHIP describes how an individual presents themselves and communicates to others. A high Influencer score is indicative of an aggressive sales and marketing person while moderate scores indicate a softer, more relationship building individual.


CUSTOMER SERVICE describes and identifies whether an individual will go out of their way to insure a happy and satisfied customer.


OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY describes how obedient an individual will be with your business model. Will you follow the manuals or will you want to make changes based on their own needs.


ACCOUNTING ACUMEN describes whether an you possess the attention span and attention to detail to understand the financial aspects of running the business or performing a job based on preset metrics, or is this an area you should “hire” to.


PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT describes an individual’s ability to nurture and develop others on their team. It will also describe how the person resolves conflict and ways to improve performance.


DELEGATION describes an individual’s need to perform tasks themselves as opposed to developing the trust and security of knowing others can do it just as good, if not better than they can.

TIME MANAGEMENT describes whether the individual has an understanding of how to manage their time or not. This will also identify whether they are procedural or reactive.


This is only one portion of the Navigator, but it has proven very valuable and if you haven’t yet, I encourage you to take it.

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