Step 1 – Contact Us

This first step is deciding to work with Integrity Franchise Group. Your information is kept confidential and is reviewed only by us to provide you the best opportunities.

Step 2 – Interview

We interview you to determine what kinds of businesses meet your needs and qualifications. We want to discuss your lifestyle, business and financial goals to identify a franchise that best meets your unique personal and professional goals.

Step 3 – Research

Then we spend time doing our research based upon the information you provided in step 2 to determine the best franchises for you to further explore. Our goal is to identify at least 5 franchises that will be a potential match for you.

Step 4 – Presenetation

We present you with the opportunities that we have identified in our research. This conversation should accomplish two goals. First, if any of the opportunities are of interest to you, then we will arrange an introduction directly with the franchise company.  

Second, this step will allow us to clarify your goals and needs identified in Step 2, possibly sending us back through Steps 3 & 4. This may take place several times throughout the process. 

It is important to remember that we are presenting opportunities, but you must make the decision that is best for you and your family. Therefore, refining the criteria for the best opportunity for you is an ongoing process.

Step 5 – Introduction to Franchisor

For each of the opportunities that you are interested in, we will introduce you to the Franchisor. The Franchisor will send materials and present webinars to help you become acquainted with their business concept. They will also send the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which is a disclosure document for their franchise opportunity.

Step 6 – Review of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

We will discuss the items that are contained in an FDD; in particular items that you should pay close attention. You should then review the FDD in complete detail, writing down any questions or concerns for discussion with the Franchisor. The FDD will also contain a list of franchisees and their contact information!

Step 7 – Call Franchisees

The Franchisor will provide you a list of several franchisees for you to call to ask questions about the franchise. The reason for calling these references is to ask them why and how they became successful. Then, you need to determine if you can do the same things that they did to be successful. We will provide you with a starting list of questions to ask other franchisees. We encourage you to modify these questions based on what’s important to you.

Step 8 – Consultation with Attorney and Accountant

You should consult with an attorney and an accountant before making a decision. It is important to insure that both people have a good background in franchising. We can help you find skilled professionals in your area.

Step 9 – Attend a Discovery Day

Most franchisors have a Discovery Day, where they will invite you to their location. You will not only get crucial information for your decision, but will get to meet the leadership team and staff that will be providing your initial training and continuing support.

Step 10 – Decision Time

You have taken all of the steps up to the door, and now you must decide whether or not to open it. Decision time. Congratulations! You have decided to buy a franchise OR you’ve decided that this one isn’t for you based on key points and we go back to the drawing board. Either way – that’s success. You don’t know what you don’t know and if you decided to pass after viewing all the information, it’s ok! The next time will be easier, as you are getting a clearer vision of what you’re individually looking for.

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