Thank you, veterans!

Today we celebrate and honor veterans for all they’ve done for us.

I personally pay tribute to my grandma and grandpa on my father’s side (photo of them is from 1945), and every uncle on my mom’s side, as well as her father, my paternal grandpa (attached photo from 1943).

VetFran, an initiative of the International Franchise Association and the Franchise Education and Research Foundation founded in 1991, also recognizes veterans by giving them incentives, job placement, discounts at franchise companies and discounted membership if they’re interested in starting a franchise.

If you’re wondering whether franchising has made a difference in the lives of veterans – the answer is a resounding yes! According to the Franchise Business Review, one in eight franchises in America today is owned by a veteran. 

“Like the military, successful franchisees and employees accomplish the mission with a team,” writes the IFA.

Veterans own 2.5 million businesses – about 9 percent of all businesses in the U.S., according to the Small Business Association. These veteran-owned businesses employ 5.8 million employees and pay more than $210 billion in payroll.

If you’re a veteran interested in franchising, FBR surveyed more than 26,000 franchisees from today’s leading franchise brands to find the best franchises for veterans, based 100 percent on franchisee satisfaction. They also shared the most profitable “franchise sectors” for Veterans. Know a veteran who’s interested in Real Estate, Business Services, Senior Services or Home Services? Those are the top rated.

If you’re a veteran (or spouse or family member of someone who’s served our great country) Thank You.

Sincerely and Humbly, Thank You.

If you are interested in business or franchise ownership, and would like someone to assist you in starting your  research, I’d be honored to be that person.

Either way, again. Thank You for your service.