An Important Question to Answer to Yourself

A fundamental question to ask ourselves is: “What Am I Really Passionate About?”

If you are not happy doing what you are doing now, and you are not building anything of value for yourself while you’re continuing to do it, then serious consideration should be given to making a change. 

I believe that everyone has a right to be happy. That usually means finding something you are passionate about, and making money doing it. 

However, the question of passion is a tricky one. 

Many people make significant mistakes by getting into a business that has to do with their personal interests. They are passionate about the subject matter, and feel that they can make money by throwing themselves into a related business venture. They may enjoy doing it for a while because of that personal interest, but if there is no solid business case for that decision, they often fail, or end up spending time at their ‘hobby’ and never finding anything close to real business success. 

The result is not only a failed or very marginal business, but usually a loss of passion for the thing that was a personal interest in the first place, so it’s a double loss.

People who can cook go into restaurants, people who like sports go into sports-related businesses, people who dress well go into fashion retail – and they might fail to reach the success they deserve because they followed their heart instead of their head. The reality is that if you are successful in business, you build the resources and freedom to enjoy your passions, not the other way around, unless you are terrifically lucky.

I doubt that the guy who owns the successful lug nut factory is really passionate about lug nuts but he saw an opportunity to build a good business. Now the business success gives the ability to enjoy his personal interests and passions to the greatest extent.

The deep passion for the actual product or service offered by the business is less critical. The franchisor has subject-matter experts in the company that handle the subject areas related with product or service with a great deal of skill. It is more critical for the franchisee to have a passion for the opportunities the product or service present to build a business around them to create wealth and freedom. 

Many people will seek a ‘dream’ position or ‘dream’ business and never make any changes at all. They continue to wallow in their current situation, and never really achieve the happiness they deserve because that ‘dream’ opportunity never presents itself. 

So what are the things to be passionate about that will translate into your success? 

  1. Creating a great business for yourself and your family in order to make the money you want, and to build an asset that will be very valuable in the future. 
  2. Operating a professional business, and the respect that comes with that profession in the community and beyond.
  3. Being able to help others achieve success or fulfill other wants and needs. 
  4. Creating the freedom and flexibility – and control, to do the things that you want to do. Of course, business is hard work but you never have to miss any event or occasion with family or friends if you don’t want to do so.

These are the things that really make the clock tick for most of successful franchise business owners. 

Many people stay in positions they don’t enjoy, and that have no real opportunity to build happiness because they just can’t pull the trigger on change. 

It is important not to get caught in that trap. So whatever you do decide is right for you to achieve the things you want from life – just go for it, and with gusto. 

I did that, and I haven’t regretted it for one minute. This doesn’t mean there aren’t ups and downs but I really do look forward to each and every day in my business. It’s all because of those things I listed above that fulfill me, and are driven by my true passion.