Hi, I’m Lisa Welko, CFE. President of Integrity Franchise Group. We help people find great businesses to invest in.

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Our established and proven process is designed with your success in mind.

We want to guide you on a path that avoids pitfalls and leads you to success. Time is precious, and we want to save you valuable moments by efficiently navigating the vast landscape of franchise opportunities. Your dreams are important to us, and we are here to help you achieve them.

We recognize that the journey may be filled with questions and uncertainties – that’s why we are committed to being your reliable source of information and support. Feel free to ask us anything; we’re here to provide clarity and assist you every step of the way. Making a decision about which brand to choose is a significant undertaking, and we want to empower you with the knowledge you need to make a smart and informed choice.

Your success is our priority, and we are dedicated to ensuring that you feel confident and well-prepared throughout this process. Trust us to be your caring partners on this exciting journey toward a fulfilling and prosperous future.

We research and present matching franchises

Keeping your financial and personal goals in mind, we analyze a comprehensive marketplace for opportunities fit for you.

We introduce you to great franchises

We’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure you are well informed and asking the right questions as you explore different brands.

We offer ongoing support on business investments

At the end of our journey together, you’ll enter into your new business with a brand you know will be a great fit for you and your family.

Meet the Team

Exploring opportunities with our team mirrors the caring approach of a realtor in your home search, but without added costs.

We assist in understanding your goals, offering guidance through a comprehensive process like a realtor. Providing expert insights for major decisions and nuanced aspects, we help with turning passions into businesses, navigating options, managing time and funding, and avoiding errors. Connecting you with opportunities, we work closely with brand decision-makers for a successful start, committed to supporting your journey with Integrity Franchise Group.

The Steps to Buying a Franchise to We Work With All Types of Investors

  • Broaden Your Business Investment Portfolio

  • Quit Your Day Job

  • Keep Your Job, Manage a Manager

A franchise must fit your personal and financial goals.

In today’s vast array of investment opportunities, we aim to exclusively present you with the finest options. Your Integrity Franchise Group Advisor will evaluate your existing holdings and introduce you to industries that meet our rigorous standards, including semi-absentee models and INVESTOR specific options with rapid growth potential, and outstanding customer acquisition possibilities. Both without feeling like you’re buying yourself a job.


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  • Step 1. Introductory Call

  • Step 2. Questionnaire / Industry Survey, Zorakle Assessment

  • Step 3. Initial Brand Review

  • Step 4. Discovery Process / Validation

  • Step 5. Due Diligence

  • Step 6. Confirmation Day

  • Step 7. Grand Opening

What is Franchising?

Selecting a bad franchise could be disastrous – it doesn’t have to be that way.

Franchises help you achieve profitability in your business sooner. However, research alone isn’t enough.

You have to have access to the right information and know how to examine it in order to make the best decision.
We will help you do that.

A few advantages of using our free services:

  • Industry Information – we have access to extensive data on thousands of franchises

  • We provide easy to read franchise comparisons and reports

  • We cut down on your research time

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This is not a sales call. We will determine if proceeding forward with our process of franchise exploration is a good path for you. Our initial calls are between 15-30 minutes and allow us to understand your interest in business ownership.

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