Hi, I’m Brad, Lisa’s husband of 30+ years, small business owner and designated support staff.  With 20 years of business ownership experience and being part of Integrity Franchise Group from the beginning, I generally work behind the scenes to make sure you’re getting the information you need in a timely manner. I’ll make sure, as our candidates go through the process, you’re being introduced and taken care of by our referral sources from franchisors to accountants, attorneys, funding partners, etc. I also recently sold my owner-operator business and along with Lisa, became a multi-unit franchise owner after 14 years of starting that business from the ground up. I’d be happy to speak with you about investing in a franchise outside of my initial wheel-house, in an industry I’m learning from scratch. I’m overseeing the daily operations, walked through the funding journey and training processes, just like you’ll be going through and I’m happy to talk about my experience with those on a similar trajectory.

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