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    Del King

    I really had no idea what I wanted to do next, but Lisa was able to go through various personality assessments to determine my skill sets, my interests and my preferences. She also vetted any brands I was interested in, making sure they were trustworthy and worth my time. Over the last two years, I've learned a lot and it's been an incredible journey. The team at Integrity truly prepared me for success. I’ve already started conversations with Lisa about opening another franchise,

    David Chang

    Over three to four months, Lisa meticulously presented several concepts weekly, aligning them with my requirements and encouraging me to consider options I hadn't previously thought of. We explored over 30 franchise opportunities, from trash compactor companies to online rental management properties. One of these was Enviro-Master, a business I wouldn't have considered on my own, but now, I'm incredibly pleased that I did

    Linda Johnson

    Our first call with Lisa set the tone for a great relationship. She is personable, professional, knowledgeable and her follow up is second to none. Her research and thorough communication to us in our chosen field of interest for a franchise was very helpful in our decision making process.

    Lisa Welko

    Founder and CEO

    Hi, I’m Lisa, Founder and CEO of Integrity Franchise Group. I have 20+ years of franchise experience. I’ve started and sold my own franchise system, been heavily involved in consulting new owners and franchise system owners, had a brief stint in selling for specific brands (not my forte’!) and my husband and I are multi-unit franchise owners. My heart and passion lies in this consulting business. I find it very humbling to assist entrepreneurs and sometimes “want”trepreneurs in their business ownership research process. I’m happy to work with seasoned business ownership veterans, who are interested in diversifying their portfolio, to those who are new to business ownership and looking for hand holding and guidance.

    Get to Know Me

    Married to my High School Sweetheart and my happy place is our own back yard! We’ve built a little oasis over the years complete with a koi pond – and yes, the fish DO overwinter in the pond, even in Wisconsin. We have 2 grown children, Ben and Katie, who are my pride and joy and I’m excited to be working with Cecelia Runyon, my future daughter-in-law!

    Cecelia Runyon

    Franchise Consultant

    Hello, I’m Cecelia!  I am a franchise consultant, here at Integrity Franchise Group!  My role is to assist you in exploring the exciting world of franchising. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, I can guide you through the process of finding the franchise opportunity that fits your goals and lifestyle. Some people want to exit their corporate 9-5, others want to diversify their income portfolios. Sometimes a person wants to simply start that “side hustle” they’ve always dreamed about. Regardless of what your “why?,” together, we’ll identify your strengths and interests to find a franchise that’s the perfect fit for you.

    Get to Know Me

    Engaged to my business colleague’s (Lisa Welko) son!  In our free time, my fiancé and I love to hang out with our friends and family, travel, and create art together.

    Brad Welko

    Support Staff

    Hi, I’m Brad, Lisa’s husband of 30+ years, small business owner and designated support staff.  With 20 years of business ownership experience and being part of Integrity Franchise Group from the beginning, I generally work behind the scenes to make sure you’re getting the information you need in a timely manner. I’ll make sure, as our candidates go through the process, you’re being introduced and taken care of by our referral sources from franchisors to accountants, attorneys, funding partners, etc. I also recently sold my owner-operator business and along with Lisa, became a multi-unit franchise owner after 14 years of starting that business from the ground up. I’d be happy to speak with you about investing in a franchise outside of my initial wheel-house, in an industry I’m learning from scratch. I’m overseeing the daily operations, walked through the funding journey and training processes, just like you’ll be going through and I’m happy to talk about my experience with those on a similar trajectory.

    Get to Know Me

    Married to my High School Sweetheart and we have 2 grown children, Ben and Katie. Love traveling with my wife, and have been to Disney World more times than we can count! Also enjoy traveling to new destinations and made our first trip overseas to London and Scotland in the summer of 2023.

    Sabrina Panfilo

    Broker / Agent

    I am a professional Franchise Broker at Integrity Franchise Group who sets the highest standards in franchising; I am a master at matching suitable candidates with the right business for their specific interests, core values, and lifestyles.

    I offer access to over 900 brands in almost every industry. My consulting services will help you quickly find the right fit for your lifestyle, goals, and personality. I have tools, time-tested strategies, and proven techniques to help you save time and money on a wide range of business opportunities. I am a relationship builder and pride myself on forming and maintaining a personal rapport with my clients. I am your trusted guide who will not only present you with the right brand, but will be there for you in every phase of the franchise sales process. I am a committed and driven individual who takes great pride in taking professionals to another level of success and being an integral part of the journey to get there.

    As an entrepreneur, teacher, and motivator, I have met individuals ranging from corporate executives to budding entrepreneurs who have sought my help in creating or buying a business that would yield residual income and be worth more than they initially invested.

    Get to Know Me

    Proud parent of an only, but awesome, son! I’m also a devoted dog lover and “Dog Mom” of 3. (I had to stop fostering pups or else I’d adopt them all!) I would describe myself as a social butterfly who enjoys engaging in conversations with people from diverse backgrounds and walks of life. I’m a free spirit with a heart of gold – and a published children’s book author, too!

    Jaime Sanchez

    Broker / Agent

    I have always strived to help people. After working for more than four years in corporate immigration law and having successfully worked with over 120+ foreign investors, I came to the realization that many foreign investors were failing by making the same mistakes over and over again. I also noticed that many of my clients felt lost and frustrated when starting their new life in America. This is when I felt I needed to do something about it.

    Connect With Me

    Phone USA: +1 210-463-5037

    Phone MX: +52 81-4170-7740

    Email: js@interlinktx.com

    How to Buy a Franchise: What is Franchising?

    Franchising is a lucrative and flexible pathway to business ownership that allows individuals to kick-start their very own entrepreneurial journeys without going through the exhaustive process of creating a business from the ground up. But what, exactly, is franchising? And what essential information should you be armed with before venturing onto this path of business ownership?

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